Sparkle Dance Class

(Age 7-9)

Are you looking for dance classes for your 7-9 year old? The Sparkle level dance classes has 45 minute weekly combo dance classes (tap, ballet, jazz, tumbling), as well as a Hip-Hop group class available. Dancers at this age can also register for solo or duo private classes in any style of dance.

Dancers in the Sparkle level can be beginners, or if they have been in dance for a few years – they are learning to build on their previous dance skills. At this age, students are able to master more skills and build confidence in themselves.

Our dancers in the Sparkle level are able to start participating in competitions, if they would like to (joining our competition teams is always optional). We have a “petite” team that competes in local competitions.

The benefits of dance classes at this age go beyond just learning to dance. At this age, your children are learning so many life skills while having fun. Dance classes at this age can help your child develop better social skills, build new friendships, and helps our students build confidence in themselves as they master new skills and dance moves.

Evolve Dance Studio is located in Rockford, Michigan and we have students from all over the Grand Rapids area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we accept dancers of all experience levels, and that includes beginners! Evolve Dance Studio is a great place to learn dance in a fun and supportive environment.

We use the ages as a starting point to assess what class will be best for your child. We can be flexible with class placement by age as long as it makes sense for your child.

Please check our Dress Code on the Studio Policy page here. Depending on the style of dance, the clothing requirements may differ.

To learn more about our competition team, please visit our competition team page here.

During class, our studios have a TV in the lobby area so you can watch what’s happening, but your children don’t see you. At first, this might seem hard (especially if you have a child who has separation anxiety) but we promise as soon as class starts and the fun begins, all of the kids start having fun.


“We send our daughter to Evolve because they really focus on her as an individual, capitalizing on her strengths, but challenging her to try new styles, moves, and get her out of her comfort zone. She is not a number, but an integral part of the team. The teachers really care about her as a person and not just as another dancer. I love watching her grow and enjoy what she does every day.”

– Hope & Tony Cullen (parents)

“Belief in building the dancers physically and emotionally. Every dancer should leave with a better sense of self.
This is the core of their business.”

– Sarah Field-Draper (parent)

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Check out our upcoming class schedule for the summer along with the 2023-2024 season. You are able to register online, and we welcome dancers of all experience levels. If you have any questions, give us a call or contact us through our website.

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