About Evolve Dance Studio

Evolve Dance Studio in Rockford, Michigan

Evolve Dance is a Grand Rapids area dance studio, located in Rockford, Michigan.

We are a family-oriented studio that prioritizes relationships and life-long skills that come from being part of a team. We value the experiences your dancer has in the studio every week – not just the competition results or skill levels.

Meet Our Instructors

We at Evolve Dance Studio are more than just dance steps and routines. Our mission is to cultivate a nurturing environment where every individual can freely express, grow, and evolve through dance. We believe in the transformative power of dance and its ability to bring together diverse communities, fostering personal growth and shared experiences.

At Evolve, everyone is welcome. We celebrate diversity in all forms, ensuring every dancer feels valued, acknowledged, and included.

Our Mission

If our mission resonates with you, but you aren’t sure where to start with dance, here are some helpful links to help you learn more

Our Story

Megan Ellison is the owner and director of Evolve Dance Academy. She has over 35 years of dance experience. After growing her current dance studio in the Cedar Springs and Northern Kent County area she decided to return to her hometown of Rockford. She loves dance and has been lucky to have it play a big part in her life as both a life long student and a successful teacher. Her dream was to always open a studio that she could share her love for dance and find instructors with a true passion for the art also that children and adults will learn from. Dance has so many benefits both physically and mentally and the mission of Evolve Dance Academy is to build not only a dancers strength and technique, but to find their inner love and passion for the art of dance while building self esteem and confidence.