Why choose to join a Dance Class?

Dance is about so much more than the choreography and competition results. At Evolve Dance Studio, our goal is to build our students up as confident and well rounded individuals. We know that dance isn’t everything, but the life lessons learned in the studio are. We want our students to love dance and feel comfortable in our studio.

For our younger dancers, taking dance classes helps them to practice learning in a class environment, gain new motor skills, strengthen their balance, and even simple concepts like learning their left and right sides for the first time in our Shimmer & Shine class. Parents love this too, because their child has a chance to get their energy out in a fun and uplifting environment.

For our older dancers, the benefits of dance go far beyond the time in the studio.

Our dancers are able to build strong friendships and teamwork skills. Our classes and competition teams truly share a special bond while going for a shared team goal. Being part of the team is a great way to practice personal responsibility (having to manage your time, be responsible for your dance shoes and equipment, and more).

From a confidence standpoint, dance helps build body positivity in our students. At Evolve Dance Studio, we teach our students to have confidence in their abilities (and not just what they look like). On top of building confidence, dance is great for our students physically and health-wise too. Dance helps flexibility, building muscle tone and has other benefits like keeping kids active and strengthening the muscles that support better posture.

Our focus at Evolve Dance Studio is to provide dance classes that build strength, confidence & friendships for life. We value the experiences your dancer has in the studio every week – not just the competition results or skill levels.

To build not only a dancers strength and technique, but to find their inner love and passion for the art of dance while building self esteem and confidence