We value the experiences your dancer has in the studio every week – not just the competition results or skill levels.

Dance Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan


We value the experiences your dancer has in the studio every week – not just the competition results or skill levels.

Dance Studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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General FAQs

How do I know what level class to sign up my dancer for? Does my dancer need prior experience?

We base our levels on age at Evolve Dance Studio. Dancers do not need previous dance experience. We welcome dancers of all ages and experience.

Shimmer and Shine is for ages 2-4 years

Razzle Dazzle is for ages 4-6 years

Sparkle is for ages 7-9 years

Diamond is for ages 10-13 years

Sapphire is for dancers 14+

What shoes does my dancer need? Where can I buy dance shoes and attire?
  • Shimmer and Shine, Razzle Dazzle and Sparkle combo classes need both tap and ballet shoes. We ask that dancers wear tan tap shoes and pink ballet shoes.
  • All hip hop classes need an ALL white tennis shoe that is worn only for dance class. It can be any style we just ask that it is ALL white. 
  • You can purchase any required attire and shoes at Forever Dance Apparel in Grand Rapids, MI. They know all our shoe and attire requirements.
What extra fees am I responsible for other than my monthly class tuition?

Each dancer is charged a one-time charge of $200. This charge will cover your dancer’s recital costume, recital t-shirt, and 2 recital tickets. If your dancer has more than one dance costume, there is an extra $100 charge per costume.

Am I able to be in the class and watch my dancer?

We do not allow parents in the classroom. We do welcome parents to stay in our lobby during your dancer’s class to watch their class from one of our tv’s streaming classes.

How do I make my monthly payments?

We require our dance families to set up an auto pay account through their parent portal. Monthly recreational dance payments are ran automatically on the 1st of every month.

Dance Camps

When are dance camps?

We offer dance camps throughout the year. We offer a few different 6-week camps, meeting once a week, in the fall and winter. During our summer months we offer 2 different shorter sessions that meet twice a week. These camps are a perfect opportunity for your dancer to test out their love for dance without making that long term commitment of our full season.

Will there be any performances or recital for the dance camps?

Our dance camps do not have a performance or recital. The recital is only for our full season dancers. The dance camps are meant to give dancers a shorten dance class experience without the full season commitment.

Do dancers need any prior experience to attend?

No, dancers do not need any experience to attend dance camps.

Competitive Dance

What age can my dancer begin competitive dance?

Our competitive dance team begins at the sparkle dance level.

When our competition team auditions?

We post our competition audition dates the beginning of May each year. This auditions are open to anyone interested in dancing competitively the following season.

Does my dancer need experience to audition for competitive dance?

We do ask that dancers have 1-2 years of recreational dance experience either at our studio or another studio before auditioning.