join us for…

Evolve Dance Studio Recital – 2023

When: May 21 @ 2:00 | Where: Sparta High School

Lights, Camera, Action!

As many of you have seen we are well underway to planning our 22/23 season recital. This event is for families to come and celebrate their dancers hard work and talents. The upcoming newsletters sent out after the first of the year will give some information to help families plan for a fun day and help our staff prepare well in advance for this big day.

Recital Theme

This years theme is…..

Lights, Camera, Action! “A Blue Carpet Night” ~ Always Dancing, Always Evolving


Costumes will be ordered in January. They can arrive anywhere mid January to the end of March depending on the company
they are coming from. We will provide tights for any costumes that need them. Please make sure your dancer has the proper shoes required. If you have any questions on shoes please ask your child’s instructor.

Recital T-Shirt

Every year we offer a recital t-shirt highlighting our theme for dancers to enjoy. These shirts are $10 each and MUST be pre ordered.

More INFO to come after the first of the year…..

Program Advertising

If you or someone you know has a business that would like to purchase a spot in our program to advertise please email the studio at by April 1, 2023.


  • Color ad in recital program
  • 1/4 page (program only) $20
  • 1/2 page (program only) $40
  • Full Page (program only) $80
  • Color logo on event banner only $45
  • Color logo on event banner with any program AD $20

Dancer Shout Out

This year we are offering for parents to add a special note for their dancer in our recital program. Dancers absolutely love to receive any and ALL extra attention they can ;). You can purchase this for $5 (you can pay at the studio office) before April 1, 2023. Feel free to email or reach out to Megan at the studio and let her know what you would like to have added.

Thank you again for your continued support of Evolve Dance Studio and Staff.

As always please feel free to contact us with any questions. There will be more detailed info to come regarding recital and the process of the day as we get closer to the event. We look forward to continuing this season and having an amazing show in May to showcase ALL of your dancers!!