Evolve Dance Studio Competition Team

Competitive dancing team in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our competitive team is built around ALL team members and their strengths and talents. We allow our team members to compete in the styles they choose. We offer competitive dance in tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and hip hop. We are a young team and take pride in offering our competition level to all dancers no matter your background.

At Evolve Dance Studio we offer one competition team and focus on all of the dancers at the same level. We build our team around a “family” mentality and focus not only on dance and technique but building friendships, memories, and positive self esteem.

Evolve Dance Studio Competition Team Showcase

Team Showcase ~ Jan. 22, 2:00 @ Sparta High School

Our competitive team showcase is a performance for family, friends, and interested dancers to come and watch all of our competitive dances of the season, before competition begins.

Tickets for the is event can be purchased through the studio for $3 or at the door.

Competition Team – Audition Dates for the 2023/24 Season TBD

Competition Schedule for 2023 Season

2023 Schedule

a letter to parents…

Dear Parents,

We would like to thank you for considering Evolve Dance for your dancer’s competitive dance. We at Evolve take extreme pride in the family feel of our studio and team. When we create our competitive team, we do not separate our dancers by level. We create ONE TEAM. We feel all of our dancers bring different strengths to our team and we use those strengths to create a wide variety of amazing performances and dancers.

As a mother I have spent many years watching my children compete in many different areas of athletics from community leagues, school sports, to travel leagues. I was a single mother of 4 for many years making many financial sacrifices so I could make these dreams happen for my children. But at times financially there just was no way we could make that happen. Not only was there the financial stress on our family through the years, but there was the extreme stress of time. I know we all want to allow our children to try as much as they can. I strongly believe “kids should be kids”. The instructors and I want to allow dancers to participate in other activities as well as dance. We will never have strong dancers if they are stretched too thin. We want these children to love dance all through their life and not be a burned-out dancer at 15.

So, with that being said we will discuss your dancers’ level of commitment at the beginning of the season and what they feel comfortable committing to fully. Your dancer will have the option to choose the style(s) they want to compete in each season. We offer many options from solos, duos, to group dances in all areas.

Finally, I would like to let everyone know these monthly class costs are an estimate. Once our competitive teams are created the amount of time needed for choreo and technique may change depending on dances and class size. The cost will not increase unless you choose to add more dances than our instructors offer to your dancer. For example if we offer your dancer to participate in 2 group dances and a duo your monthly class fee will include their technique and choreo time. If you would like your dancer to do an extra solo or duo that cost will be added for choreo time. All competition and costume costs will be charged separately from monthly fees.

I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with your dancer. We promise to use this opportunity to spend the next year not only developing your dancer as a dancer but also as an all around amazing young person.

Megan Ellison
Evolve Dance Studio Director

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Winners of the National ID Dance Competition 2021 (Hip Hop)

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